Control your hearing aids or stream music and phone calls from your smart phone or other device. 

Directional microphones and noise reduction algorithms make hearing in background noise much easier. 

In today's hearing aid landscape connectivity to mobile devices, television, telephones, etc... is a significant portion for what you're paying for in hearing aids. All major hearing aid makers offer some version of wireless connectivity to smartphones, tablets, TVs, iPods, or other devices. This type of technology offers improved hearing by either streaming sounds that were otherwise difficult to understand or providing addition control of one's hearing aids to maximize the hearing aid capabilities. At Nevada County Hearing Aid center we have a full lineup of wireless hearing aids and accessories to fit each life. We offer training to those who aren't comfortable with the technology. 


Hearing in background noise in the number one frustration of nearly all hearing loss sufferers and hearing aid wearers. Technological advancements over the last 5-10 years have focused primarily on this area. Hearing aids reduce background noise via directional microphones or by squelch/expansion features. Directional microphones will "zoom" the microphones to what is in front of the speaker and turn down everything else. Noise reduction using expansion or squelch recognizes input other than speech and turns in down while leaving speech sounds amplified normally. Expansion/squelch features reduce noise by channel or band thus channels/bands can be considered when determining how much background noise reduction an individual may need. 

Noise Reduction

Hearing aid channels and bands are an important component of a hearing aid's technology package. The channels or bands of a hearing aid are what give a hearing professional the ability to control various sounds from the hearing aid which can create a more comfortable and individual hearing experience. Hearing aid companies continue to add more and more channels in hopes of improving sound quality. Studies Suggest that clinical benefits are maximized at around 12-14 channels. 

Channels and Bands

Hearing Aids come in all shapes and sizes and while those shapes and sizes can influence their function it is the technology withing the hearing aid that does the heavy lifting. Our hearing aids are exclusively digital and offer a wide variety of features from advanced noise reduction capabilities to wireless connectivity to smart devices. 

As stated above there are a lot of options to consider when determining which hearing aid is the best for a particular individual. Below is a breakdown of some of the technology options that are considered and what they mean. 

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