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Hearing Evaluation


The hearing evaluation is the first step on the road to hearing better and it is our chance to get to know each person who comes into our office. At Nevada County Hearing Aid Center we love helping people hear. Our professional and personal experience has provided us with ample motivation to make sure our patients get the best experience possible. When you visit our office for this evaluation we will strive to ensure that you have all the necessary information to make an educated decision about your hearing. 

What is noise induced hearing loss?

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Our hearing evaluation is the process we use to determine individual hearing needs. We test the the auditory system as a whole and then break it down into individual parts to narrow down where any deficiencies might be occurring. We include personal history, video otoscopic exams, pure tone audiometry, speech reception and discrimmination tests among others to provide a comprehensive view of individual hearing health. 
We use the latest clnically proven methods for testing, fitting, and verification to ensure that each patient finds the best solutions for their needs. We combine test results with hearing history reports and sit together to provide education and ultimately come to a recommendation about solutions that will fit each individual lifestyle. Whenever possible we allow and encourage patients to test hearing aids before they purchase to get a feel for how they might improve life and communication. We then counsel together on how to best proceed to meet individual needs.

We welcome the opportunity to help you or your loved through the journey to better hearing today. 

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